Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary
Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary cover

With obscure terms like emphyteusis and jactitation, the language of Louisiana’s civil law can sometimes be confusing for students and even for seasoned practitioners. But the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary can help. It defines every word and phrase contained in the index to the Louisiana Civil Code plus many more in clear and concise language and provides current citations to the relevant statutes, code articles, and cases. Whether you are a student, researcher, lawyer, or judge, if you deal with Louisiana and its laws, this volume will prove indispensable.

“Rome and Kinsella have done a huge service to legal scholarship by assembling the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary—a splendid resource for those seeking to understand the rich vocabulary of Louisiana law.”

Bryan A. Garner
President, LawProse, Inc.
Editor in Chief,
Black’s Law Dictionary

“For ready reference on the desk or in a personal or law firm library, in the office of a civilian of any walk of practice or intellectual endeavor, this enormously helpful dictionary is a must. This scholarly reference is essential to the study of the civil law tradition; the Louisiana Civil Law Dictionary serves as gateway to understanding the civil law system embraced by the majority of legal systems in the world.”

J. Lanier Yeates
Gordon Arata McCollam
Duplantis & Eagan, LLC

Gregory W. Rome is a member of Williams & Rome, L.L.C., a general practice law firm located in Chalmette, Louisiana. His practice areas include family law, personal injury, successions and estates, property law, business law, and civil litigation.

Stephan Kinsella is General Counsel with Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., Executive Editor of Libertarian Papers, and Director of the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom.